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Fully Managed

WPCloudStacks are a fully managed solution for enterprise grade Wordpress deployments.
We remove the complexity of cloud scale and set you free to focus on running your business.


High Performance

We work with cutting edge cloud services from the industry leader, configured to perform at optimum levels with the reassurance of built in resilience and seamless disaster recovery.


Direct Support

There is no such thing as a generic build.
We provide a dedicated consultation service to ensure your Wordpress deployment is specifically tailored to your exact requirements.

Engineered for Enterprise Scale

How we build your WPCloudStack


Backed by AWS

WPCloudStacks run on the Amazon Web Services platform. AWS are the world leaders in cloud computing. Every WPCloudStack runs from its own dedicated suite of AWS technologies directly assigned to your own top level domain.


Only Wordpress

WPCloudStacks are designed to host and deliver high availability Wordpress deployments at enterprise level, they have no other function. WPCloudStacks are monitored and updated to always run the most recent and stable version of Wordpress.


Dynamic Data Storage

The Amazon Web Services Elastic File System offers dynamic storage up to petabyte scale and is MultiZone by default.
To ensure your data is always available we use AWS EFS to host and deliver all Wordpress specific build and media files.


Optimised Configuration

WPCloudStacks are designed to deliver optimal performance at all times by scaling up or down in response to traffic and load.
All plugins are rigourously tested and version controlled by us for you within a strict deployment release pipeline.


Resilience and Repair

WPCloudStack instances are load balanced for resilience across multiple availability zones and configured to self repair in the event of any outages. Strict security and firewall rules are in place along with attack detection to protect you from unwanted visitors.


Database Uptime

A reliable web application needs a rock solid database and all WPCloudStacks run from the robust resilience of AWS RDS.
With MultiZone Master/Slave failover you can be confident that your database is always backed up and online 24/7.


Fully Managed

We take care of everything

To guarantee your WPCloudStack is stable, secure and runs at optimum levels 24/7 we manage every aspect of the build, the configuration and the ongoing maintenance, leaving you stress free to concentrate on creating content and running your business.

  • We build the stack
  • We install Wordpress
  • We test and maintain all plugins
  • We manage stack security and updates
  • We manage your DNS configuration
  • We optimise your database and content

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